Sunday, March 23, 2014

In an effort to remain grounded, we must strive to realize our continuous self-evolution. This state of existance only comes with truly aspiring to a mindfulness that propells our feet off the ground.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When Mother Nature relents after an intense winter freeze, revealing the early signs of spring, it's as if we are granted another chance to truly revel in the mild sunny days filled with a renewed glimpse of greener pastures.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


For many of us shame lives deep within our core.

Feelings we repress by filling our bodies with the fruits of our addiction.

Flooding our emotions and drenching our spirits with toxic guilt.

The demons we host inside suppress our souls, intoxicating our minds with self-loathing.

We are not worthy of self-love; unable of receiving love from others.

Relentless in our disillusioned cycle of self-destruction, we feel numb with self-medication.

Incapable of washing-away our sins, we are void of mindful focus on laughter and music and dance.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I have lived a full life of evolving self-discovery and unconditional family love and joyous community connections.

My arms have always been filled with meaningful ways to use my physical energy, to contribute to society.

My legs have carried my body to many of the physical destinations, required to connect with people and places I was destined to embrace, during my human experience, here on earth.

My heart is filled with the love I have received from everyone I have touched, and I have embraced a continuous flow of loving energy that radiates from the core of humanity.

My eternal soul has been released from my human body; now unburdened by disease, disfigurement and earthly responsibility, I have not worries anymore.

My Spirit Guides have already received me with their unyielding love, and have transported my soul to a new beginning in the After Life.

As you commit my human body to the Earth and set a gravestone marker in lasting tribute, take comfort in realizing I will never depart from the everlasting bonds I have established in my lifetime.

I carry with me, only the immortal memories of the human beings I was blessed to love, and be loved by, during my earthly journey.

My soul will forever shadow those I have exchanged love with here on Earth; in a continuous thread of spiritual guidance and enlightened understanding.


Thursday, January 9, 2014


Like precious gemstone rough mined from the earth, each of us shines with an inner light.

We are cut and polished from birth, throughout our continuous self-evolution.

Like Mother Nature’s colored gemstones, each of us is saturated with vividly chosen color and unique characteristics.

Our bodies are holy vessels that echo the many facets of our life experiences, offering other human connections our dazzling play-of-color.

Like the dance of color from beneath the surface, we echo the energy that leaves many in awe of precision-cut gemstones.

Even our flaws are preciously part of the charm we are sought after for, like many of the most exotic opaque gemstones.

We are adored and admired; some are coveted and needlessly tucked away.

Many grow old and tired, and others are fragile and shine for a seemingly incomplete exhibition.

We are our Heavenly Creator’s works of priceless art, and must eventually return to the earth we were originally borrowed from.

Our energy travels-on through time and space, in the souls that give us our graceful dance of unconditional love.

The spirit is eternal and lives on in the memory of the joy and enlightenment that spanned a lifetime.