Wednesday, June 3, 2015

To be uniquely human in grief connection, is to be able to withstand the uncomfortable awkwardness that comes with understanding that to offer a silent presence, we must embrace our own discomfort, in order to feel empathy and compassion.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When you release yourself from expecting any value from relationships with individuals who are insecure and shallow, and basically incapable of compassion or empathy, you will not only free yourself from the ties that have bound you to a past of disappointing dismissal, you will pity them and take comfort in knowing they are as unhappy as they have made others in their paths.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Hundreds of years from now, we may have archived records of the handwritten word, and libraries that housed books will be museums to our culture's past.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Huntington Station Matters

As we walk our streets, we feel safe in our part of the community; our children play freely on our neighborhood blocks.

While only minutes away, our neighbors live in fear their children will be prayed-upon, and many on the outside would be shocked.

All of our children attend area schools, looking forward to local events and community holiday celebrations.

We may not always speak the same language; we all want to make our way with the best of relations.

Shared dreams and family plans have been stripped away, as four young lives have been brutally taken.

Maggie’s spirit calls upon us to take back our town; we rally our extended neighbors, and we pray they will reawaken.

Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, we weep for the precious lives lost in a heartbeat, and move forward to reclaim a lifestyle that is forever bountiful.

Our town leaders who campaigned with empty promises, and those sworn to protect and defend; we hold every one of them accountable.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Goodbye Chrissy

Dear friend, we were shocked to hear you’ve gone, and the days must carry-on.

But you had many years still to come, and so much more to share with everyone.

Your life was a blessing to so many; in familiar connection and lively affection.

But your inner voice waged war on the body you carried with you; throughout your earthly journey.

And the cycle of comfort and consequence fueled the fire of self-doubt.

The relentless journey of inner pain that paralyzed your path with fear, and feeling no way out.

A personal battle with punishing persistence made your body become the object of physical resistance.

And although you never intended to leave us this soon; you avoided medical intervention, returning to God in June.

Your fear of letting go of control outweighed your fear of leaving your human form behind.

We take solace from your discovery of spiritual self-evolution, and heartfelt contributions to your different groups of friends—and now we move forward with you forever in mind.

We will forever treasure your true embracing interaction with our children, and the legacy of unconditional love and creative adventure you rained-down on each of them.

And knowing you traveled your life journey in joyous connections to each of us, individually; we will try to rejoice in your spirit’s release from the human vessel that burdened you as you walked the earth.